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Smile Design for Men

by Nicole M Armour, DMD –

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Restoring a chipped stained smile

Traveling the world to expand his company, this business owner recognized the importance of putting his best face forward. Since we could do nothing about the face, we decided to help with the teeth. In attempt to make him look less like Drew Carey and more like his best self, we designed a combination of single crowns and veneers to overcome the chipping and stained smile.

Composite Bonded Veneers Versus Porcelain Veneers - Nicole M Armour DMD
Before and After: Crowns and Veneers. Dentistry by Nicole M Armour, DMD.

Smile design for men

Upper Lip Line

Men ideally do not display much gum tissue when they smile. A gummy smile may be corrected with gum surgery, and in some cases orthodontics, prior to making restorations.

Lower Lip Line

The location and outline of the lower lip during full smile dictates the length of teeth for both men and women.

Face Shape

Long thin faces tend to match long thin teeth and wider shorter faces tend to have wider and shorter teeth. Each individual’s unique facial characteristics dictate the contour and proportions of the teeth designed.

Tooth Shape

While most morphometric scientific articles have identified differences between male and female teeth (male central incisors larger and thicker, squarer and more angular), a recent study performed by the German Society for Sex-Specific Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has claimed that neither dental professionals nor lay people can identify gender based on tooth shape alone. However, I do believe that there are tooth shapes/contours that evoke a more feminine or more masculine image. Straighter, squarer, more angular lines give a more masculine look so when we have free reign to design a smile, we use these smile characteristics.

Mock Up

When big changes are planned compared to the original dentition, we make a “wax up” study model to mock up our ideal endpoint. This can be translated into temporary teeth that the patient can try out before finalizing the details of the porcelain teeth.

More and more men are realizing the power of harnessing their best smile for the benefit of their career, relationships and self-confidence. To learn more, contact us to schedule a consultation visit.


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