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Advanced Technology - Exceptional Comfort

Bright, Comfortable Dental Operatories

The offices of Nicole M. Armour, DMD, at Newtown Dental Arts, in Newtown, PA are equipped to provide you with the highest quality care.  Our exam rooms and operatories are comfortable and bright while providing technologically advanced systems for both general and cosmetic dentistry.

Features include:

  • - Digital X-rays
    •  - 80% less radiation than traditional films
    •  - wireless, flexible, and thin with soft edges for improved comfort
    •  - superior image quality
  • - Intra-oral camera
    •  - Get an inside look to understand why a treatment has been recommended.
  • - Digital computer software
  • - 45x magnification loupes lenses with LED spotlight
    •  - for precision view of intra-oral structures
  • - Nitrous oxide available ("laughing gas")

Friendly and Convenient

Our waiting room is pleasant and our staff makes your visit efficient and enjoyable. We offer several conveniences to make scheduling your visits and communicating with Dr. Armour simple.

  • - Opt for text appointment confirmations
  • - 24/7 access by email or if after-hours emergency, by phone (215-860-4141)
  • - Convenient evening, Friday, and Saturday hours

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Pleasant Waiting Room and Front Office
Newtown, PA Office Exterior

Financial Policy

Payment is due at time of treatment and any insurance reimbursement checks, if applicable, go directly to you.


  • - Pay by cash, check, and all major credit cards
  • - Health Flexible Spending Accounts accepted

Dental Insurance Benefits

We are an "out-of-network provider" with dental insurances. If your insurance plan allows for "out-of-network" benefits, we will electronically submit claims on your behalf to maximize your receipt of benefits. Insurances with "out-of-network" coverage typically reimburse at similar or slightly higher rates than "in-network" but there may also be a higher copay ("co-insurance") when seeing and "out-of-network" dentist. Some plans still cover preventative treatment (cleanings, checkups, etc) 100%. You may refer to your plan terms for coverage rates or we can request a pre-treatment estimate for you.

Our staff is knowledgeable in navigating the complex world of dental insurance. We are able to request your specific insurance terms, remaining benefits and acquire a pre-treatment estimate of benefits prior to dental procedures. Please provide us with your up-to-date insurance information and inform us if your policy or insurance company changes.

Dental insurance is technically not insurance (i.e. medical insurance). It is a benefit determined by a contract between your employer and an insurance company. This employee benefit, usually replenished annually by a fixed amount, can be applied to certain dental procedures. The specific allocation of your benefits or amount of money that can be applied to a procedure is determined by a negotiation between your employer and an insurance company, over which our dental practice has no control.

Private Dental Insurance

Private dental plans are purchased by you without assistance from an employer and so tend to cost significantly more. When determining if you should purchase a private plan, consider how frequently you tend to need dental work. Look at the annual plan cost and compare to the cost of 2 cleanings/exams per year and one set of xrays. Consider the cost of a filling or two or crown work. Most annual payouts are between $1-2,000 maximum. Most private plans have a waiting period before they can be used toward dental procedures. Consider all of these factors before shopping for a plan. We can help advise you based upon your needs.

*Please be aware that we cannot process HMO or DMO insurance plans.

Newtown Location

Armour Dentistry is ideally located on Penns Trail--the opposite end from the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC)--with easy access from I-95, the Newtown Bypass and Newtown-Yardley Road. Ample parking is provided in the rear lot for easiest access to Suite B.

Driving Directions

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